Texture Chart
Textures are formulated at different solids levels. The chart below describes each texture's solids level at an equal viscosity (i.e. thickness). The higher solids level typically equates to greater stand-out (or more material—heavier texture) on the wall. The lower solids level typically equates to higher mileage (or less stand-out — finer texture).
High Solids Ready Spray
Whiteline II
Medium Solids MV
Low Solids Whiteline
Puretex 40
A texture formulated to have higher solids generally will have the following characteristics:
1. Easier mixing
2. More stand-out—Heavier texture pattern
A texture formulated to have lower solids generally will have these characteristics:
1. More mileage
2. Less stand-out — Finer texture pattern
3. Typically more open-time
Spraying wall texture is much more of an art than a science. The stand-out, spray pattern, atomization, and viscosity are ultimately controlled by each applicator, and will vary according to the individual style and preference of the applicator.

For instance a high solids texture mixed thinner may have similar atomization characteristics as a low solids texture that is sprayed thicker or with greater air pressure.

This equivalent viscosity chart is for comparison only and does not take into account the “art” of spraying texture associated with the individual applicator.

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